Monday, March 11, 2013

Address to the Soul in the Yellow Wind

This mutated sunflower was found in Manno cho Kagawa prefecture. Kagawa is in Shikoku, Japan.

Iori Mochizuki is a brave man who posts constant updates about the Fukushima disaster at his blog
This post of his, penned on this very day, the second anniversary of “311”, touched me deeply.

As technology made our lives easier and easier, we abandoned our gift called intelligence. We were merely waiting for the spoon to feed us like unthinking reed.

Like they built pyramid or the tower of Babel, we built the huge kettle with Pluto inside.
Delphic oracle revived in the crystal boxes to tell us what to believe and stop us thinking.
We were banned from doubting and doubters were regarded as heresy.
When the mountain became valley, the bottom of ocean reached the sun, the wall of water swallowed our dreams.
Old kettles – the symbol of fake god- were smashed into pieces. We saw Pluto rising in the mushroom cloud.
Haves were afraid of losing all the have-nots. With the pieces of broken kettles, they built the church to keep have-nots inside. Stained glasses are made of notes, the cross is made of bones. It’s a floating cottage on the black river.
They swore they would never open their eyes to God so they won’t have to see Pluto anymore. They poured wax into their own ears.
Pluto is not outside of the church anymore. It’s in our shoes, in our pocket, in our breath and in our blood.
The letter from our parents to our children were rewritten illegibly, our sons and daughters read the “heaven” as “hades”.

Haves are building the army of have-nots and had Delphic oracle tell them to see the enemy with the closed eyes. You hear the choir counting our bodies and tell us where our enemy is.

On the day of the yellow wind, the offered flowers to the lost souls have 3 heads but the blind never see it. The offered water is burning. Breads are glowing blue. The voice of lost souls can never be heard by the waxed ears.

When they notice they killed all the Ichthys, they hear the sound of military boots coming to them.