Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Bunny

New Year’s Day, and up pops a bunny rabbit to greet us.

The appearance of wild animals has always been a good omen for me of the endurance of life. When Mum died, two deer wandered across the snowy field ; when our grey cat Gato died, a stag deer stood and watched, then scooted off into deep snow; when our black cat Negra died, a cawing raven landed on a tall elm tree, then winged off into a clear blue sky. Whenever deer, foxes, wolves, turkeys, even raccoons and skunks cross the landscape, I feel a frisson of excitement that the wild is right here outside our window. Now, just after the winter solstice, as the days get longer and a new year is upon us, rabbit tracks in the snow lead to a bundle huddled up facing into the sun, sheltered against the cold wind. The thermometer reads minus 20 Celsius out there,  but it is nice and toasty by the wood-fire in our sunny house.

May the New Year bring health and happiness - and occasional encounters with the magnificent wild - to you and yours.