Thursday, April 6, 2017

Keep On Farming!

Our political landscape has been poisoned
by rabid rhetoric and ranting hyperbole.
The air is fetid, filled with bluster.
The fencelines separating fact from fiction
have been torn down.

A mega-crop of pumped-up monoculture
has been planted, the harvest will be bitter.
When a farm turns its back on its founding ideals
and taints with toxins the fertile soil
that has long sustained it,
the impact on health, sanity, family, unity
can only be dire.

Continuing to nurture the soil built up over time
on this side of the fence, using tools honed
by hard work, respect, love, compassion
is the best means at our disposal
of retaining the robust good health
of our diversified farm
and the beauteous landscape we behold.

Play the long game, stay the course,
do not be taken in by the monster machine
cranking out sewage.
And keep on farming!